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Planning Permission


Please be aware that the fence or gate that you propose to have built (or fitted) may, be subject to, and require planning permission.

This can be dependent on various factors, including but not limited to whether:

  • The objective is to build a new fence in a conservation area or within conservation area buffer zones.
  • Your proposals to build fences or gates on the road side or elsewhere on the property with intention to exceed the maximum height restriction regulations.
  • Your proposal is to erect driveway fencing within 2m close to the road above the 1.0m regulated limits.
  • Your proposal is to build lean to’s or temporary structures within 2.5m of the property boundary on a side elevation adjacent to the road.
  • Your proposed works are next to a footpath or public right of way.
  • Your property is a Listed Building.
  • There are other Article 14 restrictions applied.

To understand whether your project is considered a permitted development or whether you need to apply for Planning Permission, please find the relevant information on your local councils website.

For HBC – if there are grey areas that you are unsure about, you may wish to pay HBC a fee to have a Householder Planning Check performed on your property in lieu of  proposed works. If it comes to light that you need permission, follow the steps provided by the council to proceed with further applications.

We do ask our customers to go through the necessary steps required prior to beginning any works.

Provided below are some useful links for information purposes only.

Please contact the relevant body for your property to find out more information.


Harrogate Borough Council:


The Yorkshire Dales

City of York

North Yorkshire County Council