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Need urgent fence repairs?

We’re not here to sit on the fence. We’re here to bolster up things so that they become strong and durable. We take on fence repairs for wind damaged panels, rotten posts & sheared fence repair spikes across homes in Harrogate. We don’t use quick support fixings that prop things up for a short while. We dig right into the heart of the problem and replenish the old with new.

If you find your asking yourself any of these questions…

Did your previous fencing contractor install posts amongst a load of tree / shrub roots along the fence-line? We come across customers needing advice about this fence problem time and time again/ The facts of the matter are, this situation is due to poor pre-planning, lazy installation, lack of knowledge, poor advice or unfortunately (most likely scenario) someone’s motivation to get a quick buck.

The fact of the matter is, in order to repair the fence – depending on how dense the undergrowth is, you may be limited to a few options.


1.) Take out the fencing that’s affected and prep the land better before reinstalling. Cut out / remove all trees, roots & shrubs growing into and under the fence line. (May work for small areas of vegetation growing on your own land.) Ie. Laurel hedge removal & stump grinding etc.

2.) Replace the fencing with a bespoke post & rail fence that may (when measured) be able to phase between root networks.

3.) Move the fence boundary entirely away from the root systems.

It’s a common situation to see roots from neighbours trees encroaching across on to your boundaries, and unless there’s underground utilities in danger of getting damaged by these, there’s nothing you can really do apart from option 2  &3 ~ or as a last resort – ask your neighbour to take down the trees or negotiate and offer to contribute so you can rebuild and repair the fence along your original boundary.

It’s amazing how many leaning posts we come across that have only been put in a foot or so deep. As a guideline, the rule of thumb is that approx. 1/3 of the post should (in an ideal world) be compacted below the ground level. The minimum depth for an 8 foot post is 2 feet, however for extra stability we like to put posts in a minimum depth of between 2 feet 6 inches and 3 feet. Whilst it’s a more labour intensive challenge to replace shallow set decaying posts; fixing new posts at this depth really does make a huge difference.

A few fence repairs that Strong Post fencing have done in the Harrogate area

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Our local fence repair services cover Harrogate, Ripley. Pannal, Ripon, Huby, Hampsthwaite, Birstwith, Nidderdale & Pateley Bridge for emergency call outs. We work with estate agents, tenants, landlords, property managers, developers & residential householders.

Prolong the life of your timber posts up to an additional 5 years!

If you choose to get a fence repair job done rather than have a brand new fence, you may as well make it last!

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Examples of Bitumen Fence Posts Being Treated & Waterproofed