Acceptance of Quote Terms | Harrogate Strong Post Durable Fencing

Acceptance of Quote – Terms & Conditions

1.) Utilities: It is the landowners responsibility that any underground services, known foundations & easement details must be drawn to our attention prior to accepting any initial quote, and in writing prior to beginning any form of excavation / fence erection, otherwise we cannot be held responsible for any damage caused. If required, please contact the necessary utility company regarding permitted areas, easements and distances of excavation from these zones.

2.) Payment Terms:

Unless the customer chooses to source, order and arrange delivery for the materials themselves (often our preferred method), Part 1 Payment for materials & delivery is required prior to work beginning on-site.    

Part 2 Payment for labour due upon completion of works on receipt of final invoice, unless stipulated otherwise and agreed in writing.

3.) Boundaries:

The land / property owner is responsible for communicating the boundaries of their property in writing and signing off the line where new fencing works are to follow on-site.

Please note: In the case of shared boundaries or boundaries belonging to other landowners, communication and border agreements must be drawn up in writing and agreed by all parties involved. Harrogate Strong Post Durable Fencing take no responsibility on these matters. The landowner commissioning the work is solely responsible for checking the deeds of their property in order to communicate their wishes and form agreements with all parties involved.

4.) Cancellation Policy:

Please note we will require 72 hrs notice for any cancellations or postponements of work to be carried out. If works are to be cancelled then there is a 15% restocking fee for any materials purchased and an additional 5% cancellation fee charged attributing from the total amount for labour costs. Postponements of works do not levy any additional fees within the notice period, however if notice is given under 72 hrs then there will be an additional £50 charge to the total costs of works.

Acceptance of any quotation will be taken as acceptance of these terms.